$AVAD Token Burn

NFT Hodlers will earn $AVAD with NFT Staking and more $AVAD in circulation with farming. What about the value of the token?
To further boost the AvaDice ecosystem, the platform conducts a monthly token burning process, where a portion of the $AVAD is destroyed. The continuous destruction of these tokens will increase their value. The burning of the $AVAD tokens will also maintain the balance between NFTs holders, token holders and developers, support the distribution of the token model, and the payout of the rewards. Tokens are burned once a month and the amount of token destroyed can be traced on the blockchain.

$AVAD Buyback and Burn

The currencies accepted on our platform are $AVAX and $AVAD. However, in the future, other tokens in the Avalanche network will also be played in games on our platform. From the games played with $AVAX and ach of our games has different strategies. Some games have a house edge, some games have a fee and some have something else. Therefore, the total of platform earnings, fees and more will be shared as follows.
25% - Buyback & Burn $AVAD
25% - Distribution AvaDice NFTs holders
25% - Added liquidity for AVAD-AVAX
25% - To be used for Marketing and development.


What is House Edge?

The house edge is the built-in advantage that casinos have on most of the games played on the gaming floor. Casinos are in the business of making money: they do this by ensuring most of the games played on the floor are weighted in the casinos favour. For example, in our AvaDice game, the house edge is 2%. That means that on average for every 100 $AVAD you bet on the our dice game you will get 98 $AVAD back as winnings.