AvaDice NFTs 🎨

AvaDice, 4,444 randomly generated unique, hand-drawn and esthetic NFTs will soon be a favorite of the Avalanche ecosystem !

One who doesn't throw the dice can never expect to score a six - Navjot Singh

AvaDice is proof that productive NFTs are eye-catching and can have artistic and monetary value. There are many NFTs launched in the Avalanche ecosystem out here and AvaDice is more than just existing NFTs. You ask why, all NFT holders are mutually exclusive and our igaming platform is a profit partner.

$AVAD Airdrop for NFT Holders

As you can see in the tokenomics we published, immediately after our minting process is complete, we will distribute the $AVAD amount we have reserved for the $AVAD airdrop to the AvaDice original minters.

NFT Staking

One benefit to holding AvaDice NFTs is being able to stake them for $AVAX and $AVAD. Let your AvaDices earn you passive income! After minting, we will create an $AVAX nft staking pool on yetiswap. This pool will last for 1 month and each nft holder will receive an equal amount of avax rewards. At the end of the month, we will create a $AVAD NFT staking pool on avadice.io. The reward distribution in the $AVAD NFT staking pool will be based on NFT rarities.

Profit Partners

The currencies accepted on our igaming platform are $AVAX and $AVAD. Each of these games has different strategies. Some games have a house edge, some games have a fee and some have another feature. All details are on the sub pages of Games. Therefore the total platform earnings, fees and more will be distributed to NFT holders.

Lower fee to NFT holders

We have many games on our iGaming platform. We offer different strategies for each game. For example, house edge of Dicev1 game is %2 as default. This mean, when the players choose 3 dice faces and click the roll they will win x1.96 when they won. However, house edge is 1% for NFT holders. This means that if NFT holders roll and win dice v1 game on our platform they will get x1.98. So NFT Holders have a big benefit on return of the ROLL rewards.
An another example, the fee of the coin flip game is 3%. In other words, a person who wants to play the coinflip game for 1 avax it will pay 1.03 avax and it will get 2 avax when it won. However, there is a discount on the fee for NFT holders. The fee for the coinflip game for NFT holders is 2% instead of 3%. So if an nft owner wants to play a coinflip for 1 avax, he will pay 1.02 avax totally and and it will get 2 avax when it won.
The same goes for any game. Let's roll!

Royalty Rewards

Many people reading this blog post are familiar with the minter royalty reward. We wanted to add something new to this. How Does ?
When AvaDice NFTs sold on our marketplace, %95 of the sale amount will be sent to the seller of the AvaDice. The remaining 5% will be distributed as: 2.5% is reflected to AvaDice holders as a royalty reward, other 2.5% will use for buyback and burn of the our official $AVAD token.
Prior to that, AvaDice NFTs will initially be listed in secondary marketplaces. The royalty rewards obtained here vary by 2-3%. We will use these amounts for buyback and burn of the $AVAD.



iGaming and Metaverse

The iGaming industry is growing and its total size is billions of dollars. And these are double digits! Besides that, the metaverse is growing too! It would be impossible not to take part in such an innovation and excitement. What exactly does this mean? It means that in the future, we will also build our games in the metaverse. We will announce more detailed details soon and draw the attention of the entire ecosystem. Until then please be patient :)

Minting Reflection

This term means that the revenue of the project is split between all the holders. To give early minters an advantage, the mint reflectivity on sale of the collection is 10% - so until the 4444 AvaDice NFT is minted, anyone who makes mints will be eligible for that amount of reflection.
All other details will be announced soon. Stay tuned! Keep rolling!