AvaDice 🎲🔺

NFT Staking, Farm, Trade, Roll, Battle, Launch.

Problem: Although many NFT collections exist and continue to exist, many collections are below minting price, not owned by the community, and although they promise staking rewards but the price of their tokens(we can say lay $unknown) is falling too fast, their economic model is not sustainable.

Remedy : AvaDice

AvaDice is 4,444 pieces hand-drawn unique dice ! You didn't read wrong, the unique dice generated are not ordinary NFTs. Exclusive to 🔺Avalanche, AvaDice is a complete i-gaming ecosystem, inclusive of NFTs. It is structured around our completely limited supply of NFTs. This unique architecture is designed to create a perpetual cycle of value for our dice, with games that will be constantly improve of added on avadice.io.
We're not just here to sell sweet jpegs - we're here to changing the igaming & NFTs industry and bring infinite earning to NFT holders - but yes, we love to roll dice and sell unique jpegs.